Specializing In:

Canine Ovulation and Timing: Through routine blood test and screening, we will help to time your female for breeding purposes.

Semen Freezing and Storage: We have the capability to ship and store semen for future breeding.

Breed related reproductive medicine: Different breeds may require special surgeries or diagnostic tests when it comes to breeding. We will instruct you if your breeding female or male will need additional testing to evaluate fertility or help facilitate conception.

Neonatal Care: Often times after-care of post partum canines can be involved and high maintenance. We will help prepare for potential complications of whelping and neo-natal care; i.e. poor milk production, inattentive mothers.

For more than 30 years breeders have trusted us to provide reproductive veterinary care for their breeding animals.  From ovulation timing and semen evaluation, to insemination then delivery we are available to assist breeders with all of their reproduction needs.  Our skilled doctors and well-trained staff have performed more than five hundred caesarian sections and have whelped more than a hundred litters over the past 30+ years we’ve been in practice.  We have breeder clients that come from all over the southeastern US, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and South America for our reproductive veterinary care.